What I Believe In

Fully fund the pension for state workers


We must find new revenue streams so that we keep our promise to our state workers without raising taxes.

Oppose Charter School legislation

Charter Schools will only leave more children behind. They are a drain on public resources needed for our public schools.

Promote Gun Violence Prevention


As a responsible lifelong gun owner, I believe we need comprehensive background checks to ensure that those who are already disqualified no longer have access.


Support expanded gaming


This will create an additional revenue stream for the Commonwealth.

Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Not only will this create an additional revenue stream, it is the right thing to do for those suffering from all kinds of illnesses.

Recognize affordable healthcare as a right, not a privilege

Every person should have access to have medical care covered by insurance.

Preserve the Constitutional rights of all Kentuckians

We must stop the attacks on the basic rights of all Kentuckians by legislative attempts to revoke the right to jury trials and individual privacy rights.

Impose term limits

Elected office it is a public service; it should never be a career. My first bill will be requiring term limits for state representatives and state senators, and if it does not pass, I will still personally abide by it.

Provide transparency in government

No more secret meetings or no bid investment pension contracts.

Treat drug addiction as an illness and not a crime

Drug Court has been a great success here in Jefferson County by helping people beat addiction. We should expand this model.

End Political Gerrymandering

State legislative districts should be redrawn by an independent commission consisting of Democrats, Republicans and independents. As an example, Google the “California Citizens Redistricting Commission.”

Repeal so-called “Right to Work” legislation

Kentucky’s working families deserve a strong voice. We must pass a new prevailing wage law and raise the minimum wage to a living wage for all Kentuckians.

Ban discrimination of any kind in Kentucky

People should be judged on their abilities, not on how they look, where they are from, or their religious or personal beliefs.